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Seam Detector

Seam Detector

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The Seam detector is designed for use on most types of fabric dyeing
machines. A sensor unit is mounted on the outside of the machine at
a point near to where the fabric passes. A Metal is sewn into the fabric
seam and this triggers the sensor when it passes. A relay is activated
in a separate amplifier unit for about 2 seconds, and the volt free
changeover contact on this relay may be used as required. Typical
uses include stopping the machine when the seam is found for unloading,
or checking that the fabric is circulating within a particular time frame.


  • On/off switch and output relay.
  • Adjustable sensitivity 
  • Fast interception speed
  • Interception speed 5 to 200 m/min
  • PLC Programming Based
  • Very high reliability 
  • 1 year warranty with parts 
  • High Immunity to environmental Interference
  • Total Trigger Counter
  • A deep throat sensing head with analogue detecting sensors provides the
    most accurate seam detection possible, regardless of web consistency.
  • Control box with sensitivity switch puts control at operators fingertips.


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