Metal Detector

     The Advanced Slim line Textile Metal Detector
  • Very high Sensitivity to all magnetic metals, including stapler pins
  • Extremely high Detection speed
  • High Immunity to environmental Interference
  • High level of electronic and mechanical Reliability
  • Easy installation

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is a leader in power and automation technologies since 1990 that enable textile 

industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental
impact. We deal in all electrical equipments like Metal detectors, seam detectors,
photo cell, etc spacial for processing units,

The Slim line Metal Detector signals the presence of

magnetic metal fragments, both on the exterior and inside 

the product, and stops the machine. Sensitivity can be
adjusted depending on the size of the metal fragments
which must be intercepted.
The compact nature of these devices facilitates installation
where space is at a premium.
By avoiding damage to the production line and the
consequent interruptions to the manufacturing process,
the slim line
Metal Detector can pay for itself with a few interceptions.


  • Very high sensitivity to all magnetic, including stapler pins
  • Adjustable Dual sensitivity with wide dynamic range
  • Extremely high immunity to interference
  • Automatic balance
  • Built-in auto diagnosis
  • Digital relay output Function.


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