Slip Ring Motors, Squirrel Cage Motors VFD Motors
400v ~ 11Kv Up to 5000Kw

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Company Profile:

CHINA ELECTRIC is specialized in manufacturing and
exporting electrical machines.China Electric is established
since 1960s. It located in Shanghai - the most important
international financial and business center of China.

. It Passed ISO 9001:2000 Management Certifications.

CHINA ELECTRIC is one of the biggest manufacturer and
Exporter for High Voltage Motor and Machine DC Motors.

Main Products

Sugar Mills Application DC Motor Y, Y2, YKK, YKS, YR, YRKK,
YRKS Series High Voltage Motor, High Voltage Squirrel Cage
Motor,High Voltage Slip Ring Motor, High Voltage Wound Rotor
Motor VHS, OHS Series Vertical Hollow Shaft Motor, VHS Motors.
Low Voltage Motors, Medium Voltage Motors


YRKK Series Medium Size Three Phase Asynchronous
High Voltage Slip Ring Motor, also Called as High Voltage
Wound Rotor Motor is Used To Drive Windlass, Press Machinery,
Crusher, Stock-Removing, Drawbenchs and Other General-purpose
Machinery. They Can Serve as The Prime Movers in Steel, Mines,
Mechanical industries, Blower, Compressor, Transportation,
building materials industry, Sugar Industry, ID Fan, FD Fan Motors

Can Cutter Motors, Fibraizer Motors on Both ends,


The Motor has Such Advantage as,
High Efficiency,
low Noise,
low Vibration,
High Start Torque,
low Start Current,
light weight and reliable performance.
They are easy for installation and maintenance.

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Electric Motors With Automatic Liquid Resistance Starter Provided

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