Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGR)


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(1) Tied Live Design So That There Are No Floating Voltages  In The Assembly

(2) Lifting Eyes Allow Safe And Easy Installation 

(3) High Thermal Capacity To Absorb High Currents 

(4) Can Be Designed For Specific Applications 

(5) Custom Design On Demand  

(6) The Series Is Produced By Foreign Imports Of Stainless Steel Alloy Resistive Element, Low Temperature Coefficient.

(7)  Double Insulation, High Stability

(8) Bolt Connection, Easy Disassembly, Reliable Connection

(9) Can Match The Intelligent Monitoring Device, Which Can Effectively Monitor Ground Fault Currents, Voltages, And Provides           Switching And Alarm Contacts. 

Technical Performance

Fault Current: 1 ~ 5000a

* System Voltage: 0.38kv ~ 110kv ( 3,. 6 ,10,35 )

* Heating Time: 5s, 10s, 30s, 60s, Continued

* Resistance (20 Deg. C): 0.01 ~ 1500 Ohm

* Temperature Rise: Short-term Temperature (10 ~ 60s)  Maximum Does Not Exceed 760 Deg.] C

* Continuous Temperature    Maximum Does Not Exceed 385 Deg.] C

* Maintenance-free, Quick And Easy Removable

* Compact, Easy To Install

* Shell Protection Grade : Ip20 ~ Ip56

* Level The Ip Shell: Ip20 ~ Ip56

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