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Woodward Governor 505 Turbine Control

The 505 controller is purpose built to provide  exemplary operation and protection of your industrial  steam turbines. This user-configurable steam turbine  controller includes specifically designed screens, algorithms, and event recorders to simplify  use in controlling industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders, driving generators, compressors,  pumps, or industrial fans.

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1. NEMA D control
2. Over-speed trip over-speed trip test circuitry
3. Critical speed avoidances (2)
4. Speed control
5. Load sharing
6.KW droop w/speed droop backup
7. Isochronous/ droop
8. Idle/rated
9. Remote process control
10. Cascade control
11.Local/remote control
12. Programmable I/O
13. Three turbine start modes-manual, semi auto & automatic
14. Auto startup curve (hot/cold)
15. Extraction control
16. Valve limiter
17. Duel speed control dynamics
18. First-out trip indication
19. Actuator output selectable
20. Failsafe shutdown logic
21. Peak speed detection
22. Zero speed detection with proximity probes

Services And Support

First Time In Pakistan Usman Engineering Is Proudly Announce That We Have
Trained And Experienced Engineers For Woodword 505 Turbine Control System.

Trained application engineers with unsurpassed experience are available 24/7, nationwide
for on-site Woodward 505 turbine control service and troubleshooting.
Our engineer and technicians are available for installation commissioning service and

24/7 nationwide service and support
Emergency services
Electronic governors to complete control systems
On-site system troubleshooting for unscheduled shutdowns
Governor/Actuator calibration & troubleshooting in the field New erection, commissioning, installation and programming  of 505 turbine control system

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